Clayton Jennings is a trendy name among the social media personalities who have millions of followers on different social media sites. He is an evangelist, author, filmmaker, poet, and is listed among the 25 most influential evangelist leaders of America. He came from five generations of the preachers and missionaries. He is a rising voice of the next generation of Gospel message. He wants to take the Gospel teachings on roads by traveling throughout the globe and speaking at different churches, and conferences. He is followed and admired by millions of people via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and, YouTube.

He became famous after being starred in his self-produced film named Strayland, in the year 2011. He is an author of two novels named Twenty Tales and Willow Trees in Warfare. He is famous for his word poetry, his speaking and videos through social media. His messages are heard by over 20 million of people online. His goal is to tell the world about the message of Gospel and to #TelltheWorld that hope and salvation can be offered through Jesus only.

To request Clayton to speak at your events you can contact him via his social media addresses.


Instagram: ClaytonJennings1

YouTube: ClaytonJenningdtcom

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