Clayton Jennings is a well-known and publically admired personality. He is an evangelist, author, poet, public speak and an actor. He was born in Indiana that is native to America on 5th December 1987. This 30-year-old man started his evangelist career by launching two novels in 2008 when he was in ministry and his words gone viral.

People start following him on different social media sites via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He is the leading voice of the next generation Gospel preachers. He is famous for his word poetry, short online videos, and public speaking. He got fame after his self-produced Christian featured film named Strayland in the year 2011. After a massive success, he started his “#TelltheWorld” movement whose motive is to tell the world about the Gospel teachings of Jesus to the world. This movement is growing rapidly, and people are admiring Jennings. He conducts the speaking sessions by traveling around the globe through attended churches, and conferences. Either you listen to his speeches, read his novels or watch his films/videos you will find only one message that “hope and salvation can only be served through Jesus.

To know more about him go to www.ClaytonJennings.com

“There is Power in the name Of Jesus.”