Clayton Jennings

All you need to know about Clayton Jennings

Meet Clayton Jennings. Central Indiana native-born Clayton Jennings is among the 25 top most influential evangelist leaders of America. He is an author of two novels named “Twenty Tales” and “Willow Trees in Warfare” that was published in the year 2008.Besides, being an author and evangelist, he is also a poet, filmmaker, husband and a father of a little girl. He was born on 5th December 1987 in Indiana. He is happily married to his childhood sweetheart, and the couple has a beautiful little daughter. Jennings came from five generations of preachers, evangelist. He left the ministry after being accused of certain sexual allegations against him and started his evangelist career by social media platform. He gained popularity through his word poetry, online videos, and public speaking. His motto is to tell people about the Gospel teachings.



He is taking the message of Jesus on roads by traveling the world and speaking at different conferences, churches, and gatherings. His admirers from all over the world follow him and gather to listen to his preaching. He has almost 20 million believers who follow him online. He became a famous social media personality after the huge success of his self-produced Christian featured film in which he was starred also named Strayland in 2011. Now he has millions of followers on different social networking sites via which he is connected to his people like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube. After so much popularity and upcoming favorable circumstances, he claims that this journey is not about him, but it is about Jesus.

"There is Power in the name of Jesus.”

He is a man who runs overcorrection and Christians admire him. This 30 years old American preacher has a charismatic personality to attract such a massive number of people. Today he has 350 million listeners and has made almost 500 short online videos that are influencing his followers. His recent video that was released in February 2018, named “Dear Joy Behar” got 100 million views within less than 48 hours. It is very crucial to find a genuine preacher in today’s world but Jennings was raised right by his father who was also an evangelist, and he has gained it through inheritance from his father. The thing that makes him the most influencing preacher among the others is his self-confidence and speaking ability. He runs a movement with a fan base phrase called #TelltheWorld whose motive is to tell the world that hope and salvation can only be served through Jesus. His campaign is growing day by day by the power of Holy Spirit. He wants to preach Gospel to the world. Gospel and thousands have saved thousands of lives can be saved through Gospel. Either you listen to his speeches, watch his videos or read his novels you will found only Jesus and his teachings because Jesus is the only hope in our lives.